Forgetting sigils and evalutating your work

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Forgetting sigils and evalutating your work

Post by ede496 » Wed May 23, 2018 1:17 pm

Hey all.

I've worked with sigils for many years now with mixed but often
surprisingly satisfying results.

My workflow is as follows:
- Have some desire and formulate it into a string e.g S = "I want to be
abducted by grey aliens"
- Eliminate all vowels from S
- Mix it up by transforming S into S' by the following process:
Start either from S[0] or S[-1] (I use a 50/50 chance from a true RNG)
and call it s
Then formulate S' in the following way (best explained with an example I
think) If S = "I want to be abducted by grey aliens" then we either
S' = "W S N L T R B G D Y C" or "S W L N R T G B Y D C".
- Take S' and make a sigil out of it. I use black and red colors.
- Write a note in my diary about this.

"I made a sigil with the following intent:
want to be abducted by grey aliens "
I use vim to I place the cursor on the intent-line at press 'g??' in
normal mode to obtain:

"I made a sigil with the following intent:
jnag gb or noqhpgrq ol terl nyvraf "
I.e I rot13 the intent. My brain is slow so this means I can read my
diary without understanding my intent without considerable effort so I
can more easilier forget but still go back and evaluate my work.
- Then after a couple days or weeks I active my sigil(s) via the usual

I've been doing this for years and I'm quite happy with this slightly
convoluted process. I wonder how you deal with the problem of evaluating
your work while, at the same time, an essential part sigil work is the
forgetting part. How do you deal with this? Do you just fire off your
sigil and walk away from it? What do you write in your diary?
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Re: Forgetting sigils and evalutating your work

Post by Vap0rWar3 » Fri May 25, 2018 5:37 pm

That is convoluted! Ha, but I love that you are using vim and rot13. For sigils I dont forget, in fact I dont forget much, its just a thing. But, what I have learned to do is to observe without attachment, and so that is what I practice in all forms of magick.

As to a diary, Im really bad at it. I did one for a while and fell off. I think the main reason is that I dont undertake large magickal exercises for specific results very much any more. If I want something, a flick of intent, and more than likely Ill have it. If its challenging, I bend my will to achieving it, while actively working mundane means. If highly improbably then I actually work ritual magick, but like I said its infrequent.

Most of my magickal work now is trance, meditation, pulling energy from LS, pushing it towards servitors and egregores, and pushing excess energy back into LS.

Not much to write about there.
- Vap0rWar3
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Re: Forgetting sigils and evalutating your work

Post by Micr0cosM » Fri May 25, 2018 5:40 pm

Nice system.

I have a crap memory so forgetting work I do isn't hard, the when I see the result I suddenly recall the work I did. Lol
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The two are rarely compatible.”
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