Instagramomancy (the algorithmic feed)

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Instagramomancy (the algorithmic feed)

Post by kingnine » Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:20 pm

A controversial but fairly old feature of Instagram is the algorithmic feed. The website looks at what you've liked, and instead of displaying posts in chronological order, tries to give you things it thinks you will continue to like. I am a typically phone-addicted millennial so I figured I might as well get some magick out of this feature.

Now when I check my phone in the mornings, I'm going to read the first photo in my feed like a tarot card. Today for example I got a concert photo from a Parliament Funkadelic show captioned "The Funkentelechy." Funk is self-explanatory. Entelechy means "the realization of potential." So altogether it means "the structuring of chaos" to me. Now I have a nice guiding principle for my day.

Let me know if you try something like this and how it works for you. Could work with plenty of other algorithmic feeds too. Facebookmancy, youtubemancy, etc.
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