Much Ado About Servitors - Brian Shaughnessy

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Much Ado About Servitors - Brian Shaughnessy

Post by Cam Revillot » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:03 pm

Functional Info Dump, servitors 101, the all killer no filler version of an essay I wrote entitled Much Ado About Servitors:

The servitor is the magical equivalent of a machine. A thing designed to carry out a simple task or set of tasks until the machine is no longer required. It will be useful to note that a servitor is often described as an entity in occult literature. While it is certainly legitimate to construct a servitor as though it were a golem or robot there is a major pitfall with that method: the human obsession with being punished for playing god means chances are better than average that you're building something that like the Golem of Prague or its modern contemporary AI will one day become uncontrollable. For this reason I suggest it is more efficient especially on your first time out to think of your servitor as a machine rather than an intelligence.

The first consideration is how the servitor's physical base is an extension of the desire that gives it its function. Much like a sigil the connections should not be immediate and obvious. The aim is to forge a symbolic link between your stated desire and the form of the servitor, not to merely restate it. The creation of the base is important as it a symbolic act of manifestation. If you have a need or desire to stop the machine the destruction of the base will once again have symbolic relevance.

While most servitors, like most practical magick, are concerned with getting laid, paid, or even they can be used for other purposes as well. For example a machine that evokes undesirable behaviors, thoughts, impulses into itself so that when the operation is complete destroying the servitor destroys those undesired things as well.
Naming the servitor is akin to turning the machine/servitor on. The process of naming a thing is far more than simply picking out a name from a list by naming the servitor you defining its use. A quick and dirty way to come up with the same is to follow a similar process to the creation of a sigil. Boil down the function of the servitor to a single simple sentence.

For example: Attract wealth to me.

Next remove duplicate letters: ATRCWELHOM

Reduce and rearrange those letters further into an aesthetically resonant name, as one example: TRACE WHOLM > TRAWHOLM > LOTHWA

The name you choose should intuitively feel appropriate. You may also find it useful to create a glyph sigil from the same function sentence as well. Consider that like any other machine you might build your goal is to build it well not fast. As in any creative endeavor, time spent working on the servitor affects efficacy and durability.

The next step is powering up the machine/servitor through what is commonly referred to as gnosis. Though a variety of methods may be used it is often beneficial to choose a method which relates to the purpose of your servitor. Heightened emotional states may prove useful, or reciting the name of your servitor as a mantra. The focus of all this should be in calling the servitor to life, to hearing its engine rumble, its mechanisms whir and pump inside. The time this process takes will vary. You may find it takes only a few hours, or you might find it takes several days of this activity before you know absolutely that the servitor has activated, that it is more than a pile of parts.

Like any machine your servitor will require fuel or power in order to continue functioning. creature need food in order to perform correctly, indeed in order to stay alive. This source too may take many forms: Meditation on the servitor's name, Single focus on the servitor at point of orgasm or physical exhaustion, death posture holding the servitor in your mind's eye. Like any machine some will be more fuel efficient than others. My general advice is to scrap gas guzzlers. The general idea is to invest most of your time and effort up front so you can largely set it and forget it. Think of a watch, if your watch needs a new battery every day you're going to get another watch.

Not all machines work as well as we would like, sometimes their efficacy deteriorates, or perhaps we just want to trade up or no longer have need for it. Whatever the case when its usefulness comes to an end destroy the base to sever the connection between you and the servitor.

While this focuses on a machine model others models can be used as well. For example I have made self sustaining servitors modeled on basic biological life with individual sigils serving as organelles and of course the famous semiautonomous spirit chaotes seem to love get out of hand. The same basic process outlined here can be used in those other models making thematically relevant tweaks as needed.
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Re: Much Ado About Servitors - Brian Shaughnessy

Post by Micr0cosM » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:37 pm

I have created a couple of servitors.

So far I have always used animal forms, and created a physical base out of clay that can be destroyed when needed.

I adapted my method from the instructions given in the psychonaut's field manual.

So for example I made one that would help sway any official decisions in my favour. So any interactions with government or anything involving people in offices and red tape and paperwork.

I decided on the physical form of a bee as it is an animal that symbolises work within a hierarchy and within a large building, like an office worker. I created a name and sigil for it, and sigils to represent its mission, its personality and its limitations, and I imagined a form for it in my mind. I created a little bee clay model with fimo clay, and made a small bee hive structure out of clay for it to be kept in. I created a multi sigil containing all the working sigils around the one for its name, and created a ritual to activate the sigil and to imagine my life energy entering the sigil and the base and linking it with the imagined form. I used my own blood as part of this ritual as I need this servitor to do some serious work at present, and nothing symbolises a transfer of life energy like blood does.

Any time I am in my ritual area for meditations or other rituals, I visualise the servitors and thank them for their continued service. Every time I have a result that I feel is due to one of the servitors I visualise a transfer of gratitude and energy coming from me to them and them getting more complex or larger. This one started as a small cartoon bee and is currently a quite detailed lifelike insect about a meter across.

I honestly feel like this servitor has helped me get very positive results from several official decisions that needed to made in my favour to move my life forward.

I understand that many people say that you should not make servitors too complex and getting rid of them can be difficult if not done right, but I will see how that goes. :)
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Magic is a method of talking to the universe in words that it cannot ignore.
The two are rarely compatible.”
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