Ritual and Sigil magick.

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Ritual and Sigil magick.

Post by WhiskyAnarchist » Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:03 am

I conducted a ritual this morning and I would like some constructive critisism & analysis on what i did. I realoze this might be in the wrong place but i will post more in the right sections of the fourum once i get acustomed to it. Its been a while since i used a forum.

I layed out my black bandana with white pasley, i then placed my usual crystal grid on top. 8 small amythist crystals with a larger crystal cluster in the center. A knife, that ive had for three years i set on the right side, on the left, a small glass of alcahol. I place some coins on the bandana as a payment of sorts.

I sit in a position similer to a lotus-position, and reach a state of meditory gnosis. I visualize energy/lightning from each smaller crystal, flow into the center crystal cluster, from which shot upward toward the sky.

After a few mins of that, i place the knife on the cluster. I spread some alcahol on the blade then say; "It is my will that with this dagger i shall defeat all enemies that oppose me in battle, and shall complete ant mission in which this tool is needed"

I then meditate on the blade for another ~5-6 mins reaching gnosis. Then set the blade back in its spot on the right.

I say "it is my will that it shall rain". Then, take a sip of the alcahol. I repeat myself a few times while in a meditative state.

I then light three candles, and set them on the far side of the bandana altar. I draw a sigil, place it on the center crystal and reach gnosis once again this time for much longer than the last times. The sigils purpose is to contact other chaotes nearby. I spread alcahol on the sigil and then go back to gnosis. After the ritual is done, I burn the sigil.

I need some thoughts on my process. My ritual should be quite powerfull and would like some insight from other chaos magicians on their methods, and my own. Thanks freinds.

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