The Business Paradigm for Big Buck$

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The Business Paradigm for Big Buck$

Post by kingnine » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:54 pm

The world of business is akin to the astral. It's populated by many beings, mysterious firms and angel investors. These beings communicate using symbolic languages to manipulate financial energy. Much like our everyday existence, it has the appearance of order but is ruled by Chaos. Only high adepts can fully understand the workings of this world, but even beginners can use its techniques for their own purposes.

Preparation for Business Magic
The practitioner, heretofore assumed to be the recipient of all the knowledge contained herein, is to obtain a set of magical garments, generally a button down shirt, blazer, and slacks for men; for women, a blouse and/or skirt may replace the shirt and/or slacks. This is known as "business casual" and is the customary dress for ritual, though on Fridays these guidelines are relaxed or abolished.

The practitioner can set out to estimate and guide an event or firm of their choosing throughout time. This technique is known as "Strategic Planning." The following schematic may be used for the three-card tarot spread or similar methods:

Evocation and Invocation
The practitioner may petition or bargain with a higher being, such as an investor or firm, to assist them in their magical working. There are two common ways to achieve this correspondence with the higher planes: a petition, or business letter; and an agreement, or contract.
For a primer on the former, here is a treatise from a well respected order directly responsible for the dissemination of many magical texts: ... /enus.html
A primer on the latter is more difficult to come by, as it is a deep topic that many a would-be adept has gotten lost in. However, the proper magical model can be found here: ... a-contract

An example ritual
The practitioner must first find or create a sigil representing the entity they wish to summon, and another of their own magical name. The practitioner then draws up a contract, either using the form linked to above or the following simplified form:
"We, the undersigned, agree to the following terms and conditions as outlined in this legally and spiritually binding document:
(list desired outcomes)
(list offering to the entity in return)
And acknowledge that, if not fulfilled by such time as [date or condition by which the job should be finished], this contract is null and void; services and offerings rendered after this time are not contractually binding. By entering into this contract, all parties agree to these terms.
Signed: (practitioner's sigil) (blank space for entity's sigil)"
The practitioner then places their pen on the blank space for the entity's sigil and meditates on the entity to be invoked, until the entity signs the contract through them. The contract is then kept until the outcome manifests or the term is expired, at which point it is shredded. Common offerings include "power lunches" or a donation to a charity in line with the entity's causes.

Consult your company handbook for more information.
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Re: The Business Paradigm for Big Buck$

Post by Vap0rWar3 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:24 pm

This is probably the best thing I have ever read. I must walk this path immediately.
- Vap0rWar3
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